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Diverse-Redundant Encoder

“Failure is not an option” – a great line for the movies, but as every engineer knows, even the best-designed equipment can malfunction, sometimes with disastrous results.

Something that can be avoided through clever design are undetected failures. If a control system can identify component problems, it may be able to transition the equipment to a safe condition before there is a serious safety risk.

This is the goal of POSITAL’s new TCR diverse-redundant encoders. These devices have two separate rotation measurement systems mounted in a common housing. These provide a control system with redundant feedback channels, both measuring the absolute rotary position of a driveshaft or other component. If the measurements reported on these channels match, the control system can be confident that both are operating properly. A discrepancy signals a problem in the position feedback loop and the need to take corrective action.

POSITAL TCR encoders use two different measurement technologies (optical and magnetic) for the two channels, reducing the danger of a common-cause failure. They are packaged together in a rugged housing - simplifying machine layour and installation. Environmental protection up to IP68/69 is available. TCR encoders provide high-precision rotation measurements and zero-maintenance battery-free multi-turn rotation counters. CANopen and J1939 communications interfaces are supported.

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