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Getting exactly the right position sensor for your project can be challenging, but with POSITALís programmable rotary encoders and inclinometers, there is a convenient and cost-effective way of configuring sensors to deliver exactly what you need.

With programmable IXARC encoders and TILTIX inclinometers, key performance characteristics such as resolution, communications interfaces and measurement ranges can be modified through firmware updates, with no need for mechanical changes. This makes it easy to fine-tune these devices for optimal performance. Programmability also benefits distributors and machine builders who can reduce parts inventories while still providing a wide range of performance characteristics.

For POSITALís programmable incremental encoders, resolution can be set anywhere from one to 16384 pulses per revolution by changing software parameters. Direction and communications interface driver (HTL or TTL) are likewise programmable.

Programming these sensors is made simple with POSITALís UBIFAST configuration tool. This hardware module connects to a programmable sensor through an accessory cable and has a built-in WiFi hotspot and webserver: once the tool has been connected and powered up, it can be accessed through a standard browser window in a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer - no app, no software installation, no Internet connection required! The user is guided through the configuration process in few simple steps.

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