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November 28 - December 2, 2011

MCD - Analog

POSITAL Rotary Encoders with Analog Interface

POSITAL MAGNETOCODE rotary encoders with analog output are a great alternative to potentiometers. Non-contacting magnetic technology and IP69K-rated sealing ensure long-term accuracy and reliability.

(ad ran Monday, November 28)



POSITAL Sensors Measure Length and Speed

OPTIPACT non-contacting motion sensors use optical technology to provide accurate displacement and velocity measurement for many surfaces: rough, smooth, hard, soft, hot, wet or delicate.

(ad ran Tuesday, November 29)



POSITAL Draw-Wire Sensors for Motion Control

MDW draw-wire sensors provide accurate measurement of linear motion over a 7 foot range. Ideal for medical equipment, assembly or packing machinery. Serial, analog, CANopen interfaces.

(ad ran Wednesday, November 30)



VITECTOR Safety Edges – for a Safer Workplace

FRABA's VITECTOR safety edges can be mounted on doors, robot arms etc. to detect accidental contact with a person or other object. UL 325-2010 certified.

(ad ran Thursday, December 1)



Versatile Dual-Output Rotary Encoders from POSITAL

POSITAL's new dual-output OCD encoders provide both absolute (position) and incremental (speed) outputs from a single device. SSI (absolute) and RS232 (incremental) connection interfaces.

(ad ran Friday, December 2)