Galápagos Islands

A Photographic Appreciation

The photographs shown here were taken on several islands of the Galápagos archipelago during a visit in February, 2009. The Galápagos are a truly wonderful place, with beautiful rugged scenery and an amazing variety of wildlife, much of which is entirly uniqe to the islands. It's heaven on earth for anyone interested in wildlife or landscape photography - or, for that matter, anyone with a sense of wonder! There are many people far better qualified than me to tell you about the special history of the islands and the creatures who inhabit them, so I won't go there, except to mention that the different islands tend to have different micro-climates and that the species of plants, birds and animals that live on these islands have often evolved special characteristics to take advantage of the conditions that they face. For this reason, I've mentioned the place where each photograph was taken.

I've divided this presentation into several sections that make it a bit easier for you to find your way around!

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