R.C. Harris Filtration Plant

A Photographic Appreciation

The photgraphs shown here were taken around the site of the R.C. Harris Filtration Plant, located in eastern Toronto. The plant, built in several stages from the 1930's to '50's is a marvellous collection of buildings constructed in a classical version of the Art Deco style. The elegance of the buildings is complemented by a spectacular location. The plant overlooks Lake Ontario, with the imposing Scarborough bluffs to the east and several kilometres of beaches to the west.

As well as being an architectural treasure, the plant is also a fully functioning industrual facility, supplying almost half of the clean water used by Toronto's citizens and businesses. For more information on this aspect of the plant, take a look the City of Toronto's web site. The plant also makes an appearance (in a somewhat fictionalized form) in Michael Ondaatje's novel In the Skin of a Lion.

I've divided this presentation into several sections that emphasize different aspects of the site and its setting.

Photograph of Alum Tower Photograph of medallion on Filter Building Damaged Structures
Buildings Architectural Details Views from the Site
Filter Building in morning mist Instrument Tower in Filter Building
More Photos Interior Shots